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The DVLA: ‘Motor Caravan’ or ‘Van with Windows’?

We often get asked about the reclassification processes once a panel van has been converted into a camper van. Find out how your new coast2coast camper van will be registered with the DVLA.

Prior to 2019 all camper van conversions were registered with the DVLA as ‘motor caravans’. However, with a notable increase in popularity, with more camper vans on the road, during the end of Summer 2019 the DVLA made a change to this legislation given the UK Law Enforcements argument to them that converted camper vans were becoming more difficult to spot in traffic, or in passing, on UK roads. The DVLA are required to record the body type information of any vehicle which describes what a vehicle looks like in traffic. This description, as well as other distinguishing features, allows the police and other enforcement agencies to easily identify vehicles.

On the grounds of visual appearance only, it was agreed that unless a camper van had motorhome style graphics on both sides, a fixed high-top roof and an awning bar attached to either side of the vehicle then they could not be easily identified as a ‘motor caravan’ by Law Enforcement so could no longer be registered as a motor caravan through the DVLA.

Whilst there are further specifics that relate to the appearance of the DVLAs new interpretations of a ‘motor caravan’, which remain a grey area, the application process for registering your new camper van conversion correctly is to now register it as a ‘van with windows’.

Are there any implications?

  • The change in body type with the DVLA to a van with windows does NOT does not affect the insurance category of the vehicle or have any effect on speed limits or other legislative requirements. It is only used for establishing vehicle appearance and identification. Full details of current speed limits should be referred to and found via the DVLA website.
  • Although the vehicles body type is now longer changed to ‘motor caravan’ you can still use your camper van for ‘motor caravan’ purposes.

There is an application process which must first be undertaken, for the reclassification of your panel van to a van with window. This is a process undertaken by us on our customer behalf, which includes clear documentation of the change of use from a commercial vehicle to a motorhome which includes any change to the number of seat belted travelling seats. But, by choosing coast2coast campers means that you do not have to worry about any of the above when creating your custom-built camper van as the whole registration process is undertaken by us, for you!

So, once you have insured and taxed your new camper van, you are ready to drive away in those adventures ahead!

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