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Campervan RIB Bed

We leave no stone unturned in our quest for camper van conversion perfection! We’re always thinking about optimum layout and performance.

But, when creating your own custom VW camper van conversion, the first and most important consideration for you is what campervan bed system is best to use?

With so many campervan bed options available on the market, choosing the bed system itself can be hard decision to make. But, over our businesses 15 years of campervan manufacturing we’ve done the hard part for you in reaching that decision. Having fitted thousands of different campervan beds, manufactured in France, we believe the RIB bed system to be the ultimate campervan bed system and we are proud to offer this premium product as standard in all our camper van conversion layouts.

Whilst premium in price, the RIB bed systems are also premium in their qualities, renowned for their safety, versatility, and comfort.
Not just screwed into the floor, the RIB bed systems are bolted directly through to the chassis of the vehicle, are equip with three-point seat belts, have integrated headrests, and now offer isofix features as standard. A high standard of safety, supported by full crash tested certifications, to European standards, NCAP and TUV approval. Also, as the RIB bed seating is mid mounted in your campervan, this allows for a boot space in your campervan conversion for luggage to be transported safely, unlike most others.

But which RIB Bed system do I need?
This decision often starts with the number of travelling seats you require to include your campervan cab seating set up. This, or your storage requirements, will ultimately decide which layout will be most suited to your needs. The most popular RIB bed systems fitted by us are:

60 Neptune RIB Bed
A single seat and bed set up, this bed system can be found in our Harvington campervan conversions, which feature two single Neptune RIB M1 tested beds with sliders and integrated headrests, then folding and sliding to create either two single beds or one double bed, utilising the front cab seats.

112 Altair RIB Bed
A two-seater and bed set up, this bed system can be found in our Blenheim and Coniston campervan conversions. The two-seater RIB bed means you benefit from more storage space but in exchange for a slightly smaller double bed at 112cm in width.

129 Altair RIB Bed
A three-seater and bed set up, this bed system can be found in our Brierywood and Cragwood campervan conversions. The three-seater RIB means you get a little less storage space, but you benefit from an additional travelling seat and a wider double bed at 129cm in width.

150 Altair Rib Bed
A three-seater and full width bed set up, this bed system can be found in our Rothay and Ruskmere day van conversions. The penultimate full width bed system, offering three travelling seats, this RIB bed is great for a day van where less storage is required.

How the RIB Bed systems works?
Considered the most user friendly, the RIB bed folds down so that you sleep on the underside of the seat, which is perfectly flat. Designed in three parts, the 112 RIB 129 RIB and 150 RIB beds can then be manipulated to achieve an array of lounging positions for optimum comfort and versatility.

Approved Fitters
Coast 2 Coast Campers are an authorised fitted of the RIB Bed systems and we offer a RIB bed fitting service as part of a full campervan conversion.

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